Build Wood Twin Platform Bed

How to Make Your Wood Twin Platform Bed

Wood twin platform bed – Using your imagination, you can change a basic twin bed into a loft for a child or teenager. One way to do this is to use wood, pipes, PVC or metal, to construct a ceiling bed shape. You want to design frames to fit around the existing bed, which provides a super-strong space that is visually attractive. It is possible to include book shelve or a meeting room, for example. Draw a design to utilize pipes for the main support structure, but include flat sections of plastic or metal to enhance the design.

Instructions make your wood twin platform bed: Measure floor footprint and surrounding wall space allow for a loft. Take into account any overhead light fixtures, windows, door framing and hot air ventures as you lay out of dimensions. Detach the ceiling for construction with 2-inch wood or PVC pipes. Pull each section of the bed on millimeter paper, allowing space for a child to sit up in the bed on the top bunk. Create the layout bed with computer software as an option that will include a ladder, mattress platform, bar to prevent falling out of bed, and a shelf or desk on the lower level. Connect sections with elbow fittings or four-way tee fittings. Thread metal pipes together to form the basic platform and mattress platform. Secure all screws and fittings to hold components for an all-metal bed. Dry fit PVC pipe sections before gluing them. Push them together for the dry assembly with a rubber hammer and use rubber hammer to separate the sections to apply glue.

Build a wood twin platform bed for a college dorm over a double bed. This will free up space for other furniture and storage in the room for the bouncer.

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